Multilingual Advisement Days: Work Stipends for Non-German Literature

Attention, non-german writers! We are offering free, multilingual advisement sessions for the Work Stipends for Non-German Literature, granted by the Berlin Senate. The Advisement Days are part of our project „schreiben & leben“ and take place on the 3rd and 12th of June.

What: Multilingual Advisement Days
When: 03.06.2020 and 12.06.2020
How: Individual advisement sessions via Telefon or Video-Conference
Available Languages: Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
Free of charge upon registration

For the fourth time, the Berlin Senate will grant a Work Stipend for Berlin-based authors that write in languages other than German. The application deadline ends on June 16th at 6pm and the grant refers to the year 2021. The work stipends available under this programme are awarded to support the artistic development of professional authors. Stipends are available for work processes of a limited duration and for work on ongoing projects that will either be continued or completed during the funding period. Stipends are awarded on the basis of the quality of work, potential for development and continuity. Another objective of this programme is the enrichment of Berlin’s literary scene through the promotion and support of innovative texts and authors. Ten stipends are available for a period of usually twelve months. Each stipend is worth 24.000 €, which will probably be paid in twelve monthly installments of 2.000 € each. The application must be submitted online. More information regarding the eligibility and criteria to be found here: INFO

Please note: Lettrétage e. V. (Projekt schreiben & leben) does not grant any stipends, we are only offering  some free advisement in order to help you with questions related to the application. If you have any technical question regarding the online application etc., please contact the Berlin Senate: CONTACT

In order to reserve an individual advisement session (duration: up to 45 minutes), please follow this link.