Maria A. Ioannou – Minimarket

During the next weeks, we would like to introduce a few videos from the online platform MIXTAPE. This project is a collaboration of the “SARDAM interdisciplinary literature festival” and the Cultural Section of the Cyprus High Commission in the UK and is aiming at showcasing the work of Cypriot and international writers-performers. MIXTAPE offers a taste of several trends related to literature and literary performance, including videos of spoken word (slamming), sound poetry, visual poetry, literature in relation to video art, literature in relation to sound/music, as well as conversations about writing and literary performance and an online creative writing workshop.

The text of the first performance that we want to introduce to you was written by Maria A. Ioannou. She is an artist – some of you may already know her from our reading series “con_text” – and also the curator of the online platform. Her performance “Minimarket” presents the stream of consciousness of a 50-year-old woman who works at a kiosk, through the combination of live reading and live sound/music. The text is also part of a series of monologues written in the Cypriot dialect, which investigate the position of women in the Cypriot society. You can take a look at the video of her performance via this link.

Multilingual Advisement Days: Work Stipends for Non-German Literature

Attention, non-german writers! We are offering free, multilingual advisement sessions for the Work Stipends for Non-German Literature, granted by the Berlin Senate. The Advisement Days are part of our project “schreiben & leben” and take place on the 3rd and 12th of June.

What: Multilingual Advisement Days
When: 03.06.2020 and 12.06.2020
How: Individual advisement sessions via Telefon or Video-Conference
Available Languages: Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
Free of charge upon registration

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Poetic Chapbook in the Digital Age – Online Exhibition I

How to publish a poem without funding? Which DIY formats are poets coming up with beyond traditional collections? Which possibilities do Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer when it comes to circulating poetry and digital self-publishing?

On January 24th “Poetic Chapbook in the Digital age” showcased 38 of the printed and digital Innovations of the low- to no-budget spectrum of the literary pubishing scene at Lettrétage. Everything was offered, ranging from Chapbooks, meaning DIY poem collections, self-made copies and stapled leaflets to digital formats such as Instagram poems and freely circulating PDFs. The exhibition now goes online as curator Nina Medved continues her project, documenting her most eccentric findings on our Website/Blog.

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It’s lit – Summer party for Berlin’s indie literary Scene

Indie lit might be little, but in Berlin it’s literally everywhere:
lighting up writers’ balconies and translators’ kitchen tables, readings in bars and event spaces, hand-bound magazines and limited edition poetry collections. Being everywhere at once is our superpower. But just for tonight, let’s put down our pens and microphones and converge in one place. Toast each other’s hard work. Shake it all off on the dance floor. We’ve earned it. Wherever we are, we’re lit.

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Introducing Literally Speaking: a fiction reading series

We would like to introduce a new series of interviews featuring literary reading series and projects in Berlin. To kick it off, we spoke with Traci Kim, the founder of “Literally Speaking“, a monthly reading series dedicated to English-speaking authors in Berlin. The series has become an important get-together for an exceptionally diverse community.

“Literally Speaking” recently celebrated its second anniversary. The fact that the English-speaking writer’s community in Berlin has been given such a dependable stage is largely due to its busy, seemingly never-tired advocate and curator Traci Kim.

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Multilingual Consultation and Info Day: Work Stipend for non-german writers

Multilingual Consultation and Info Day
16.05.2019, 1-6 pm
Lettrétage, Free admission

For the third time, the Berlin Senate will grant a Work Stipend for Berlin-based authors that write in languages other than German. The application deadline ends on June 18th and the grant refers to the year 2020.
We would like to enable all eligible authors to apply for the scholarship. Therefore, there will be a multilingual info and individual consultation session in collaboration with the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe (attendance free of charge):

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5 questions to Nora & Lily from IDEOGRAMMA

In our online series “5 Fragen an…” (“5 questions to…”) we usually pose five questions to Berlin literary activists. As the CROWD-Conference in Berlin is taking place at the beginning of February, we decided to go a bit further and take the cahnce to introduce Lettrétage’s international CROWD-partners. Lisa Lettrétage first spoke to Nora Hadjisotiriou and Lily Michaelides from IDEOGRAMMA, the Cypriot CROWD-partner.

IDEOGRAMMA emphasises and supports cultural exchange between Cypriot and International culture. How does literature enable or facilitate such cultural exchange?

Ideogramma believes that one’s language is an inherent part of one’s history, culture and past and the preservation of all languages is one of Ideogramma’s objectives. For this reason all writers and poets at Ideogramma’s events are encouraged to read in the original language and / or dialect that the text / poem is written in. The same is true of all the publications which are trilingual; the text in the original language and in translation in Greek and English. Continue reading “5 questions to Nora & Lily from IDEOGRAMMA”