Seit 2006 finden in der Lettrétage ca. 120 öffentliche Literaturveranstaltungen jährlich statt – Lesungen, Workshops, Diskussionsrunden, literarische Performances und Formate dazwischen. Bekannte und unbekannte Autor*innen und Künstler*innen verschiedener Sprachen und Nationalitäten sind hier schon aufgetreten.

Seit 2013 liegt der Programmfokus u.a. auf neuen Wegen der literarischen Präsentation und Live-Produktion: Dazu zählen u.a. die internationalen bzw. transnationalen Literaturfestivals „Soundout!“, „¿Comment!“, „Berlinisi“ und „Syn_Energy“, aber auch das viel beachtete Netzwerkprojekt „CROWD“ und multimediale Projekte wie die Reihe „CON_TEXT“ oder das „Poetry Audio Lab“. Eine vollständige Liste der Lettrétage-Projekte finden Sie hier.

Als Ankerinstitution für die freie Literaturszene Berlins stellt die Lettrétage außerdem ihre Räume für Literaturveranstaltungen aller Art zur Verfügung. Zahlreiche freie Veranstalter*innen nutzen unsere Infrastruktur regelmäßig – für Literatur-Workshops, Lesereihen in verschiedenen Sprachen und Buchpräsentationen. Mehr zu den Möglichkeiten der kostenlosen Raumnutzung erfahren Sie hier.

Auf dieser Seite präsentieren wir einen nicht vollständigen Einblick in unser vergangenes Programm.


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  • Fr

    Oh, That Hand of Yours | A High-Level Trauma

    20:00Lettrétage in der Veteranenstraße 21, Eintritt: frei

    A Book release, lecture-performance  and text-based art exhibition with Artemis Chrysostomidou

    (c) Artemis Chrysostomidou

    Poetry, text-based art, worlds full of contradictions, women, mistakes and forgiveness. OH, THAT HAND OF YOURS was written trying not to injure the present.

    After the war
    the eyes of the ancient statues
    should have tears carved all over them;
    and not pretend that sorrow never touched them,
    whereas beauty is deeply hurt.
    Things have no shape in absence.
    I can slip on everything.
    Your speed next to flying birds
    passing by full of the ephemeral
    while they are moving into a warmer place,
    is making everything look so young
    as if born just the day before crushing.
    Eyes have so much to explore.
    The statues arouse in silence
    the hungry look of adventure.
    Oh, that hand of yours!
    Apart from the material
    there is nothing else
    separating your skin
    from the abyss of colours.


    The lecture-performance THIS IS A HIGH-LEVEL TRAUMA will be a dialogue between the book and the theatrical performances presented by the author Artemis Chrysostomidou during the writing of the book, with music, video and text excerpts.

    In the second part of the evening, professor of design, anthropologist and curator, Emily Smith, will talk about the book.

    In the third and final part of the evening, music, composed by Lia Stavropoulou for the author’s theatrical performances of the last years, will accompany a text-based art exhibition, using texts from the book.

    The event is supported by the Deputy Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Cyprus.

    (c) Lia Stavropoulou

    Artemis Chrysostomidou is a writer, dramaturge and director. In 2018 she was awarded the State Prize for Literature, Best Young Writer (CY) for her book “Dogs Don’t Bark in France | Sculpture”. Her original pieces for theatre include “Raw Eggs Napoli”, Altofest, 2023 (IT), “Raw Eggs Lisboa”, Espaço da Penha, 2022 (PT); “Manipulation and Other Romantic Stories”, Frankfurt LAB, 2021 (DE); “Mortality, Hooray!”, EXPO Festival, English Theatre Berlin, 2020 (DE); “A Guide on How to Prevent Daily Life Accidents”, BIOS Athens, 2019 (GR) etc. She has collaborated with various directors, while her work has also been presented as site-specific or text-based art at Travers, Copenhagen Contemporary, 2021 (DK); Temporars, Muzeum Susch, 2020 (CH) etc. She has received fellowships at O Rumo do Fumo Lisbon, 2022; Frankfurt LAB, 2021; Art Stations Foundation Switzerland, 2020; and European Theatre Convention, 2019. OH, THAT HAND OF YOURS was awarded the 2023 Young Book Designers Award by Goethe-Institut Griechenland, Hellenic Foundation of Culture, EBΓE, Stiftung Buchkunst and Frankfurter Buchmesse.
    More about the author at

    Emily Smith is a professor of design, a facilitator, and an exhibition-maker based in Berlin. Her transdisciplinary practice incorporates ethnographic, embodied, curatorial, and participatory frameworks. In the past twenty-five years, her work has taken form in exhibitions, seminars, publications and workshops.


    The elevator in the building is currently not operational. We apologize for this issue, as it restricts access to some extent.

Workshops & Infoabende

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  • Sa

    The Reader’s acclaimed two-day introductory workshop

    10 AM - 16 PM 125€

    A Workshop covering the basics of fiction writing by Victoria Gosling and Jane Flett

    Suitable for new writers or offering a shot in the arm for those who want to reinvigorate their writing practise, the course will cover establishing a writing routine, with exercises to kickstart the imagination, tuition on characterisation and dialogue (Saturday), followed by a class on plot and structure, guidance on editing, and a brief overview of how to begin finding publishers for your work (Sunday). The perfect place to reignite your love of writing, the workshop will provide inspiration and encouragement in equal measure in a supportive, creative environment. 

    The Workshop will start at 10:30 and continue until 16:30 with a one-hour lunch break. Maximum number of participants is 14.

    To sign up, please email

    Victoria Gosling is the founder of The Reader Berlin and The Berlin Writing Prize. Her debut novel is forthcoming from Serpent’s Tail in July 2020 (UK) and Henry Hudson in 2021 (US). She is represented by Judith Murray of literary agency Greene & Heaton. Alongside directing The Reader’s day-to-day activities, Victoria works as a freelance editor, writer and consultant and is a former contributing editor of Berlin Stories for NPR. Offering manuscript assessments, mentoring, expert feedback and guidance, she has worked with hundreds of writers and consulted on a wide range of publications currently available in print and online.

    Jane Flett’s writing has been published in over 70 literary journals and translated into Polish, Croatian and Japanese. Her poetry features in the Best British Poetry anthology and her fiction has been commissioned for BBC Radio 4. Jane is a recipient of the Scottish Book Trust New Writer Award and was voted Berlin’s best English-language writer in 2015 by Indieberlin.