Reading and Performance by Soul and the City

Soul and the City is thrilled to invite you to a fabulous special event focused on the awesomeness, glory, mysteries, prolificacy and beauty of the human expression and its manifestations, while exploring the interconnectedness between the individual and the society with its intricacies, restraints, lenities, hushes, and indulgencies.

The artists will travel back and forth in time with interdisciplinary performances, from the roaring ages to the present, to enwrap the audience in unique experiences. All enhanced by pure, authentic, live jazz sounds. Secret entry code. Dress code: art deco attire recommended. This special event is bound to raise social awareness, while uplifting and empowering individuals and communities, celebrating diversity, individuality, cultures, and ethnicities in an overall atmosphere of amazing vibrations, good times, inherent hope and love manifestations through multidisciplinary artists and an array of thought-provoking, engaging artistic displays.

Live Acts: Rap Poetry, Story Poetry, Music, Spoken Word, Storytelling, Comedy, Dance, Visual Arts, Surprise Acts

Cultures represented (a.o.): Australia, Sweden, Slovenia, South Africa, France, UK, Spain, Poland, Germany, Romania.

MC: Soar Marongiu

Please reserve your seat in advance at soulandthecity@soaring-words.com

This is a multi-gender, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural event meant to bring joy and good times. No sexist, racist, bigoted, discriminatory, xenophobic, or homophobic language will be tolerated.
Soul and the City is an international undertaking, encompassing different artistic, educational and entertaining projects meant to explore, stimulate and empower socially engaged multicultural dialogues.