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    The Reader Reads: An Evening out of the Workshop (#2)

    19:30Lettrétage in der Veteranenstraße 21, Eintritt frei

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    We’re back! And we too can hardly believe that it’s already been a fall and a spring of workshops and writing! But all these poems have been composed, essays envisioned, and fiction imagined. Time must have passed! Join us and the rest of The Reader Berlin community to hear what everyone's been working on this past year—and to celebrate the summer’s advent. Our writers in Berlin have been penning personal essays and memoirs, spinning out speculative flash fiction, writing poetry, and polishing short stories for submission. Stop by for a listen.

    Tutor and writer Sanders Isaac Bernstein will moderate the evening of readings.

    Founded by Victoria Gosling in 2011, The Reader Berlin➚ has been hosting creative writing workshops, seminars, events, and get-togethers for over a decade. Berlin is our home and we’re very much part of the international community of writers here. Writing can be joyous but it is solitary; we aim to bring writers together, to share contacts and build bridges to the publishing industry.


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    Born in 1981 in Istanbul, Orkun Balkanci is a software engineer, living and working here in Berlin for the last five years. He started writing fiction with The Reader Berlin workshops in 2021. He has no published works yet.


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    Lauri Moeller➚ is a Danish artist and writer living in Berlin. Calling New York her home throughout most of her 20s, studying acting and working in comedy has shaped the tone of her work. She tries to find humor in the darkest of times. For the last four years, she's been working on a short story collection set to finish this year and is a long-term stan of Jane Flett's class at The Reader Berlin.


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    Charlotte Nijhuis is a Berlin-based journalist and writer from the Netherlands, who shares a birthday with Zadie Smith and Sylvia Plath (no pressure). In her writing, she explores the themes of feminism, queerness and community. When she’s not working with words, she likes to take (night)trains across Europe, rearrange her furniture and cook without recipes. Also goes by Charlie.


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    Andrew Ritchie➚ is a writer and comedian who grew up in Chicago and spent a decade trying to reshape himself into a New Yorker before settling in Berlin. His work is eclectic and genre bending. Art in America magazine called his comedy "bleeding edge... that would leave a casual SNL fan confused and broken.« His writing has appeared in VICE and Nobody Zine. And he's performed on stages at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater, the Bell House in Brooklyn and the Edinburgh Fringe. His first hour long show, “Momma’s Boy,” debuted earlier this year at Comedy Cafe Berlin.


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    Sanders Isaac Bernstein, born in London, grew up in New Jersey (USA). His writing has appeared, among other places, in newyorker.com, Jewish Currents and The Bad Version, which he founded and edited from 2011-2014, and most recently in Coda Story and The Baffler. He holds a PhD in English Literature from the University of Southern California and currently works as Stage Editor of Exberliner.He has led writing workshops at The Reader since 2021.