Ukraine. Art, video and poetry benefit event

(c) Yevgenia Belorusets

This is a warm invitation to a cultural  benefit to collect donations for Ukraine. For this purpose, the organizers have put together an interdisciplinary programme with artists and writers from Ukraine or with a connection to Ukraine or dealing in their work with the current war and crisis in Europe. The programm will be realized as a hybrid format live on stage and transmitted via screen from Ukraine. The participants, wherever they are, will be given each a 10-minute time slot to read a text, show a video work, present art works along with a short self-introduction, say something about their situation, or simply situate themselves in the current overall events and show themselves in terms of „Standing with Ukraine“.

You can drop by at any time and stay as long as you want for a drink and a chat.

Contributions by:
Dovile Aleksaite
Yevgenia Belorusets
Yevgeniy Breyger
Tiny Domingos
Daniel Falb
Nikita Kadan
Alexandra Kadzevich
Nikolay Karabinovych
Dana Kavelina
Iya Kiva
Alina Kleytman
Lena Kovach
Harri Kraievets
Markosh Kryzhak
Kukhnia Volunteer collective (Lviv)
Dariia Kuzmych
Zoya Laktionova
Katya Libkind
Kateryna Lisovenko
Taras Polataiko
Anton Polunin
Mykola Ridnyi
Maxim Shalygin
Alexander Sushinsky
Leo Trotsenko
Ron Winkler
Hana Yoo

The aim is to get at least a brief glimpse of how diverse and great the creative independent scene in Ukraine is, and how much it resembles in many ways the opportunity spaces and the attitude to life in Berlin. If you have experienced what the city once represented in its most recent past and still represents, you can easily understand what is at stake here. The artists are free to express themselves politically or personally on the events in Ukraine, or simply present their art as a sign of self-assertion and civil disobedience against the war.

The donations go directly to IKGS-Bukowinahilfe (, a humanitarian initiative of the Zentrum Gedankendach in Chernivtsi and the Institute for German Culture and History in Southeastern Europe at the LMU Munich which can without any additional administrative costs rely on a large network of cultural and academic institutions in Germany, Romania and Ukraine to provide for and transport humanitarian goods, civilian equipment, medicines and food for refugees in the Bukovina and for futher distribution into Ukraine.

Initiated by Sebastian Unger.

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