Photos from the first annual gathering of the literary industry


As part of the „WiSU – Wirtschaftliche Stärkung der UrheberInnen in der freien Literaturszene Berlin“ project. The project is a relay station that enables a contact point between authors, editors, organizers of literary events, translators of literature and small publishers, in order to get in touch, exchange information, cooperate, support each other and develop new ideas TOGETHER.

A project of the literary house Lettrétage.

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Symposium on contemporary playwriting. 6th-15th May 2015, Lettrétage (Mehringdamm 61, Berlin).

© Michaela Frey

What is the role of the author and the text in theater nowadays? How do they seize reality? And how can a debate over scripts even be created outside of the theater establishment? Can scripts speak for themselves? And why are there always misunderstandings when theater and text meet? RealFiktionen was a symposium on contemporary playwriting. We’ve gathered 10 authors that work on the intersection of theater / prose and performance. They have been thinking about text and theater in a multimedial way on three evenings (6th – 15th May 2015) in Lettrétage, not in a theater, but a literary house. The goal there was to bring the script to expression where it wasn’t seen much in the past few years: in literature.

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