Programme proposals

As the “anchor institution” of the independent literature scene in Berlin, we stand side by side with event organisers and support them with our infrastructure and know-how. We are a place for many and make our rooms available for events as well as for other uses (editorial meetings, writing groups, translation panel-discussions etc.) Furthermore, we also create, develop and organise reading series, conferences with writers, festivals and other events. We are especially interested in new forms of literary events and the idea of literature being a tool of communication for people to meet.

As such, our programme is created in various ways. Here are three examples:

Scenario 1: This interested poet/novelist from Australia, Wuppertal or Madrid, happens to be in the City – Would it not be great if he/she could round off their trip with a reading? Call us, write us an Email, contact us and we will see if it works and if the venue is free! We are always happy to hear about such offers and ideas.

Scenario 2: You have a literary project and are looking for a venue? Contact us and we can discuss it! You do not have a project but instead have interested authors and texts? Contact us and we can discuss it!

Scenario 3: You are looking for a lively and distinguished place to premiere a new book title from the current publishing programme? You know what’s coming: Contact us and we can discuss it!

We look forward to hearing your ideas and queries. Please use the following contact form to reach us:

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