Memberships & Awards


Hartmut Vogel Award for imparting literature, bestowed in 2014 by the Association of Literary Societies (Arbeitsgemeinschaft literarischer Gesellschaften).

The Hartmut Vogel Award shall honour institutions, which distinguish themselves through excellent efforts in imparting literature. The Hartmut-Vogel-Award is handed out every two years; it includes a prize money of 5,000 Euro.

Prize for the distinction of artistic project spaces and initiatives in 2016

The award of this prize by the Department of Culture of the Senate of Berlin, honours the commitment and the work of organisers of project spaces and initiatives. The award aims at supporting them, to secure the existing variety and to make the activities of artistic project spaces and initiatives in Berlin visible.

Berlin’s Best 2017

Berlin’s best is an initiative of CREATIVE CULTURE BERLIN, the advice centre for the promotion of culture and the creative industries in Berlin. Berlin’s Best is a quality mark, which is granted regularly to creative protagonists, innovative projects, networks and central places of culture and the creative industries in Berlin.


Netzwerk freie Literaturszene Berlin e.V. (NFLB) – Network of the Independent Literature Scene Berlin

Das Netzwerk freie Literaturszene Berlin (NFLB) was founded in 2013. It regards itself as the representation of the interests of the approximately 10,000 Berlin authors, translators and independent literary organisers versus state politics and the public. The network speaks for literature section in the ‘Koalition der Freien Szene’ (Independent Art Coalition).

Arbeitsgemeinschaft literarischer Gesellschaften (AlG) – Association of Literary Societies

The Association of Literary Societies and Memorials is the umbrella organisation of at present 261 literary societies and literary museums. It was founded in 1986.