Symposium on contemporary playwriting. 6th-15th May 2015, Lettrétage (Mehringdamm 61, Berlin).

© Michaela Frey

What is the role of the author and the text in theater nowadays? How do they seize reality? And how can a debate over scripts even be created outside of the theater establishment? Can scripts speak for themselves? And why are there always misunderstandings when theater and text meet? RealFiktionen was a symposium on contemporary playwriting. We’ve gathered 10 authors that work on the intersection of theater / prose and performance. They have been thinking about text and theater in a multimedial way on three evenings (6th – 15th May 2015) in Lettrétage, not in a theater, but a literary house. The goal there was to bring the script to expression where it wasn’t seen much in the past few years: in literature.



© Julia Schiefer and Thomas Köck



Participating authors: Jörg Albrecht, Hannes Becker, Nolte Decar (Michel Decar and Jakob Nolte), Olga Grjasnowa, Wolfram Lotz, Maxi Obexer, Kathrin Röggla, Gerhild Steinbuch and Deniz Utlu.


6th May 2015, 20.00 – RealFiktionen: Fiktion/Spiel
Gerhild Steinbuch and Jörg Albrecht ­ „Memory der Fiktionen“
Nolte Decar ­ „Helmut Kohl läuft durch Hongkong“

13th May 2015, 20.00 – RealFiktionen: Text/Theater
Deniz Utlu and Olga Grjasnowa ­ „Romane auf der Bühne“
Wolfram Lotz and Hannes Becker ­ „Die Hand vom Intendant, die Band vom Inspizient“

15th May 2015, 20.00 – RealFiktionen: Realität/Sprache
Kathrin Röggla and Maxi Obexer ­ „das unspielbare sprechen“