Office team

Olaf Adamski

Contact: buchhaltung [at]

Tom Bresemann – Born in Berlin in 1978. Co-founder of Lettrétage, author.

Point of contact for venue bookings, Co-operation, Internships, Jobs, CROWD Network and Programming.

Detailed Profile (in German)

Contact: bresemann [at]

Katharina Deloglu – Born in Karlsruhe in 1976. Studied Comparative Literature, Romance studies and Art History in Mainz, Tours and Madrid. Received her doctorate in Modern German Literature from the HU Berlin. Until 2005 a culture Journalist (SZ, FR, NZZ, FAZ, 3Sat Kulturzeit amongst others) and a co-worker at the Goethe-Institute in Frankfurt. Since 2006 co-founder and operator of Lettrétage. Responsible for the conception and implementation of the current programme as well as leading various international projects, most recently: CON_TEXT: Event series and conference regarding new forms of literary events (2017). Coordinator of the Europe wide CROWD Network together with Tom Bresemann. Foreign languages: English, French, Spanish, Modern Greek.

Point of contact for CROWD Network, venue bookings, Internships, Jobs, Co-operation and Programming.
Contact: kd [at]

Maik Gerecke

Contact: maik.gerecke [at]

Jure Kapun – Born in 1993. Studied Comparative literature and Japanese studies at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. Since 2016 he lives in Berlin, where he supports the Lettrétage as a project assistant as well as event technician. In his free time he writes poetry and translates.

Point of contact for Event tech, IT and web-admin.

Contact: jure.kapun [at]

Moritz Malsch – Born in Berlin in 1976. Studied Modern German Philology and Music studies at the TU in Berlin. 2004-2005 he was editor of the Schwartzkopff Publishing House Berlin, since beginning 2006 he has been self-employed as editor and translator at various publishers. Founded Lettrétage in 2006 together with Tom Bresemann and Katharina Deloglu. Since 2009 he has been the Lettrétage’s publisher.

Point of contact for Project WiSU, Programming and Co-operation.

Contact: mm [at]

Anne-Kathrin Müller – Born in Altdöbern in 1982, 2002-2011 she completed her studies in Classical Archaeology including pre and early-history at the Humboldt University in Berlin, 2011-2013 volunteer at the Brandenburg State office for the preservation of Historical monuments and State archaeological museum before becoming a research associate from 2013-2015. Since 2015 responsible for Office Management, Text and PR work at gewerkdesign and since early 2017 is also responsible for the Lettrétage’s bookkeeping.

Contact: akm [at]

Linde Nadiani – Born in Faenza, Italy in 1987. Studied German and American studies at the University of Bologna and gained a master’s degree in Comparative literary studies at the Peter Szondi-Institute of the Freie Universität Berlin. She lives in Berlin, where she works as a coordinator for International cultural Projects, as well as being a literary translator and musician. She joined the Lettrétage team in 2014.

Point of contact for Project WiSU, Project SYN_ENERGY and the CROWD Network.

Contact: linde.nadiani [at]