WiSU – Wirtschaftliche Stärkung der Urheber*innen in der freien Literaturszene Berlin

The WiSU project (WiSU stands for: “Professional support for authors in Berlin´s independent literature scene” in German) is a relay station where authors, editors, literary event organizers and literary translators can meet, share their ecperiences, forge partnerships, help one another and work together to develop new ideas.

The project encompasses the following services:
Individual consultations for freelancers in the literary industry
– Event spaces for freelancers in the literary industry
– Annual literary industry gathering (Berliner Branchentreff Literatur)
– Shared ticketing system / group advertising for literary event organizers



CROWD Network – CReating Other Ways of Dissemination

The CROWD-Network is an innovative and crucial key to Europe’s independent literary scene. CROWD is a decentralised, self-governing, non-profit network facilitating exchange and contact between nationally and internationally active authors, translators, event organisers, promoters, cultural politicians, cultural administrations, etc. focused on contemporary literary trends.