Sustainability concept

Cultural institutions have a relatively low carbon footprint. However, compared to industrial actors, they set a powerful example: for the cultural sector, their audience and, depending on their reach, for the wider public. It can be seen as an ethical obligation that an increasing number of cultural institutions want to fulfill. Plus, publicly funded cultural institutions will most likely have to do their part to meet the climate goals of Germany’s federal government.

The management and team of Lettrétage e.V. are aware of their responsibility and established a firm foundation on which they can make effective decisions for a sustainable cultural industry. The Zentrum für Kulturforschung (EN: Center for Cultural Research) supported Lettrétage in this process. Lettrétage wants to learn with and from others. It is convinced that further development is only possible through joint exchange. In this sense, the sustainability concept, which is available for download here, is an invitation to engage in a dialogue – even a critical one – with people and institutions that see themselves confronted with similar questions and challenges.