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    The Big Berlin – Berlin's Finest Artists and Arts

    19:30 UhrLettrétage in der Veteranenstraße 21, Eintritt auf Spendenbasis, Empf.: 12€

    Reading and Performance by Soul and the City

    … and the Award goes to:

    Best Artist in SpokenWord/Storytelling Category
    Best Artist in Music Category
    Best Artist in Dance Category
    Best Artist in Comedy Category
    Best Artist in Visual Arts Category

    (Prize for each category: cash money)


    Coolest Fan of the Year

    (Prize: free entry to 10 SaC events)

    …. because everyone deserves their own Oscars’ Night!

    Soul and the City is thrilled to invite you to a unique event, gathering the best artists who have performed throughout the year or contributed to their artistic, cultural and educational projects. Soul and the City wants to celebrate and express their gratitude to both their artists and to the community for the work, creativity, dedication and continuous support. While the main theme for this event is YOU, the amazing artists will have 3 minutes each to enwrap the audience and entice it in their unique performances.

    This special event is bound to raise social awareness, while uplifting and empowering individuals and communities, celebrating diversity, individuality, cultures and ethnicities in an overall atmosphere of amazing vibrations, good times, inherent hope and love manifestations through multidisciplinary artists and an array of thought-provoking, engaging artistic displays.

    Please reserve your seat in advance at soulandthecity@soaring-words.com

    Live Acts: Rap Poetry, Story Poetry, Music, Spoken Word Storytelling Comedy Dance, Visual Arts

    MC: Soar Marongiu

    Cultures represented (a.o.): Greece, Australia, Sweden, Slovenia, South Africa, France, UK, Spain, Italy, US, Poland, Germany, Romania, Egypt, Iran, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Pakistan, India, The Caribbean, Brazil.

    This is a multi-gender, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural event meant to bring joy and good times. No sexist, racist, bigoted, discriminatory, xenophobic or homophobic language will be tolerated.

    Soul and the City is an international undertaking, encompassing different artistic, educational and entertaining projects meant to explore, stimulate and empower socially engaged multicultural dialogues.