Interview with “Soul and the City”

On December 2 and 12, the Berlin artist collective Soul And The City will organize two events at Lettrétage!

Soul And The City brings together various representatives from the fields of literature, performance, performing arts and visual arts on one stage in order to fuse different art forms in practice as well as to open up space for a theoretical examination of transdisciplinary artistic work. The aim is to point out the social interdependencies of our society through the fusion of different artistic approaches and to illustrate what art can mean in socio-political terms. By focusing on artistic collaboration in practice, the collective promotes not only entertaining, but above all educational aspects of interpersonal exchange and thus establishes art as a factor of social engagement.

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Multilingual Advisement Days: Work Stipends for literature in languages other than German

We are offering free multilingual Advisement Sessions for the Work Stipends for literature in languages other than German on the 5th and 7th of May!

What: Multilingual Advisement Days
When: 05.05.2021 (10.00-11.30 am) and 07.05.2021 (16.00-17.30 pm)
How: Group advisement sessions via Zoom-Video-Conference
Available languages: English, French, Polish, Russian, Spanish
The general Q&A at the beginning of each session is held in English and open also for writers from other language areas as those offered in the breakout rooms.
Free of charge upon registration

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We are launching the Virtual-Reality-App B.A.U.

In B.A.U. you enter uncharted artistic territory in the company of five artists from Germany and Russia. Using cardboard VR goggles your smartphone can be transformed into a gate to virtual reality, where you can move through five spaces, filled with animated deities, giant Lenin heads and spherical sounds, as well as interact with artistic objects created especially for this app. B.A.U. isn’t a virtual exhibition – as a user you dive into artistic worlds. B.A.U. also doesn’t try to simply translate literary and cultural mediation from analogue to digital. It specifically uses the possibilities of new media to open up a new field of experimentation.

At the initiative of the Goethe-Institute Novosibirsk and the Berlin house of literature Lettrétage three Berlin artists – Mara Genschel, Katia Sophia Ditzler and Tomomi Adachi – together with two Novosibirsk artists – Alexey Grishchenko and Evgenii Gavrilov – posed the question: How can international artistic co-operation look like in times of digitalization and a global pandemic? B.A.U. resulted as the answer, a virtual reality app that not only presents digital art but was also formed because of a digital co-operation. Without meeting one single time in person the five participants created five spaces, where they integrated the work of their partners, created for this occasion, adapted it and finally transformed it to a collaborative artistic synthesis.

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Multilingual Advisement Days: Work Stipends for Non-German Literature

Attention, non-german writers! We are offering free, multilingual advisement sessions for the Work Stipends for Non-German Literature, granted by the Berlin Senate. The Advisement Days are part of our project “schreiben & leben” and take place on the 3rd and 12th of June.

What: Multilingual Advisement Days
When: 03.06.2020 and 12.06.2020
How: Individual advisement sessions via Telefon or Video-Conference
Available Languages: Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
Free of charge upon registration

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Multilingual Consultation and Info Day: Work Stipend for non-german writers

Multilingual Consultation and Info Day
16.05.2019, 1-6 pm
Lettrétage, Free admission

For the third time, the Berlin Senate will grant a Work Stipend for Berlin-based authors that write in languages other than German. The application deadline ends on June 18th and the grant refers to the year 2020.
We would like to enable all eligible authors to apply for the scholarship. Therefore, there will be a multilingual info and individual consultation session in collaboration with the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe (attendance free of charge):

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