Code of Conduct of Lettrétage e. V.

We want to create a place where solidarity and open exchange
exchange are at the forefront and everyone can have a good time.
can have a good time. Together, we want to create a space where everyone feels
feels accepted and respected. That is why we do not tolerate
events, we do not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment or
harassment or aggression at our events and reserve the right to exclude
event if necessary.

By entering the event venue, you agree to give others their space and not to
space and not to discriminate against or harass others.

If you are harassed or discriminated against, notice that another person is being
person is being harassed or discriminated against, have other concerns or are of the
concerns or if you think that a visitor is not following the rules of behaviour
please speak to our staff at the bar. We treat every
complaint confidentially and try to do everything we can to ensure that
everyone feels comfortable and safe at the event. It is also
It is not the responsibility of the persons concerned to
further training.

At the events, we ask you to make sure that everyone who wishes to speak
have the chance to speak and that your speeches do not take up too much
space and stay on the topic of the respective event.
Please treat all visitors and artists with respect, even if you disagree with them.
even if you disagree with them.

What is normal for you is not necessarily normal for everyone else.
normal for everyone else. Words and actions can be hurtful, even if they were not
were not meant “badly”. We recognise that we are all
are different and have individual perspectives. We
try to understand the other person’s point of view and ask them
ask you to refrain from generalisations and stereotypes. Please
try to use gender-sensitive language.

If certain topics arouse unpleasant feelings for people or have a
triggering, we will stand by the person together and remind ourselves
and you that every person has different experiences and can therefore
therefore reacts differently to sensitive topics or micro-aggressions, for example.
reacts differently.

If you would like to take a photo/video of participants and post it,
ask for permission. Not everyone wants to be pictured on the internet.

We continuously evaluate the effectiveness of our policy and try to
to correct any weaknesses. If you have any suggestions, you can
contact us at any time – also anonymously via the feedback form.

Thank you very much!
The Lettrétage e. V. team