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    20:00 UhrLettrétage in der Veteranenstraße 21, Eintritt: 20€/16€/9€


    This event has been cancelled!

    Reading and Performance by Brueder Selke (CEEYS)Brandon Kilbourne, Hussina Raja and Tecla; with music by Benjamin Jefferys

    (c) Gurmeet Singh

    Humble – self-aware, contrite, modest, poor, down-to-earth: Humble has many meanings but they all revolve around one central idea – it's the opposite of showy and ostentatious. Showy ostentation however might be the very core of today's culture – whether its influencers showing off their lifestyles, politicians showing off their nuclear arsenals, or industries paying extravagant bonuses while causing massive greenhouse emissions. Humble, it seems, is out of fashion.

    This event aims to explore the idea of humble – but not necessarily the idea of humility. What does it mean to be, to think, or live in a humble way? Are individuals heroes and angels, or merely flesh and blood? Is humblegood or bad? And why shouldn't we show off?

    Writers, musicians, dancers will perform both original and well-known pieces around this theme, with performances bleeding into one another creating a beautiful, flowing, deeply engaging, dream-like meditation of the theme.

    Moderation: Gurmeet Singh

    With additional music by Benjamin Jefferys.

    Copyright: privat

    CEEYS are the Berlin-born, Potsdam-based brothers Sebastian and Daniel Selke, an award-winning cello-piano duo performing an impressive experimental but accessible minimalism between avant-garde and pop that incorporates elements of jazz, ambient and classical chamber music.

    Copyright: Pablo Castagnola

    Brandon Kilbourne is a biologist and poet living in Berlin, Germany. When not writing poetry, he preoccupies himself with skeletons of various mammals. His poetry has previously appeared in Sky Island Journal, Naugatuck River Review, Catamaran Literary Reader, Sea to Sky Review, Panel Magazine, Tahoma Literary Review, and SLANT. His work has also been translated into Estonian and published in Sirp.

    Copyright: privat

    Hussina Raja is a multidisciplinary artist and performer based in London. She works with film, photography, installation, writing and performance.

    Copyright: privat

    Tecla (she/they) is an Italian queer writer based in Berlin. In her work, she explores identity, trauma, and tenderness.

    Sadly, the event has to be CANCELLED due to unforeseen circumstances. All tickets sold via our website will be refunded.