Zitat der Woche

Everywhere hotel guests drift in and out of each other’s rooms. Their doors propped open by anything heavy and portable. Buckets of ice, paintings pulled down from the walls, bedside table lamps, even an armoire. Men in tuxedos run down the maze of halls, their dress shoes slipping on the carpet. Women in gowns chasing after them, bottles of champagne in their hands. Their faces obscured by feathers and rhinestones and glass beads. Keith can only make out their smiling teeth, their glittering eyes. Everywhere a hysterical scent off mock orange and gardenias and gunpowder. He twists the wedding band around his finger, feeling his heartbeat thumping away in his chest. 

Liska Jacobs: THE PINK HOTEL, MCD/FSG, New York 2022.

Weitere Auszüge aus THE PINK HOTEL gibt es am 28. August bei der Lesung mit Autorin Liska Jacobs und dem Berlin Writers‘ Workshop!