Zitat der Woche

Yesterday my chair broke a leg.
I can’t understand what I was thinking about to be that heavy.
Then we spent whole night crying:
The chair had a leg ache, I had a thought ache.
He sat down on the floor, rested his back on a backrest,
Thinking that I won’t need him any more – lame and old,
That probably I will throw him away, or will tear him apart and burn him…

But I’ve never thrown anything away – I keep everything in me.
I’ve never burnt anything down, except myself.

Finally I made up my mind:
You should sit in the corner,
I will cover you with my clothes not to feel cold,
Sit and wait,
One day I will need you for sure:
When I break each leg of my each thought,
Replace them with your survived ones.

ლია ლიქოკელი / Lia Liqokeli: სკამი/A Chair. Translated by Nino Gogua. lyrikline