Seit 2006 finden in der Lettrétage ca. 120 öffentliche Literaturveranstaltungen jährlich statt – Lesungen, Workshops, Diskussionsrunden, literarische Performances und Formate dazwischen. Bekannte und unbekannte Autor*innen und Künstler*innen verschiedener Sprachen und Nationalitäten sind hier schon aufgetreten.

Seit 2013 liegt der Programmfokus u.a. auf neuen Wegen der literarischen Präsentation und Live-Produktion: Dazu zählen u.a. die internationalen bzw. transnationalen Literaturfestivals „Soundout!“, „¿Comment!“, „Berlinisi“ und „Syn_Energy“, aber auch das viel beachtete Netzwerkprojekt „CROWD“ und multimediale Projekte wie die Reihe „CON_TEXT“ oder das „Poetry Audio Lab“. Eine vollständige Liste der Lettrétage-Projekte finden Sie hier.

Als Ankerinstitution für die freie Literaturszene Berlins stellt die Lettrétage außerdem ihre Räume für Literaturveranstaltungen aller Art zur Verfügung. Zahlreiche freie Veranstalter*innen nutzen unsere Infrastruktur regelmäßig – für Literatur-Workshops, Lesereihen in verschiedenen Sprachen und Buchpräsentationen. Mehr zu den Möglichkeiten der kostenlosen Raumnutzung erfahren Sie hier.

Auf dieser Seite präsentieren wir einen nicht vollständigen Einblick in unser vergangenes Programm.


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    20:00Lettrétage in der Veteranenstraße 21, Eintritt: 6,-

    A Cross-Disciplinary Exploration of Experimental Arts. With Tuce Alba, Ioana Cristina Casapu, Days Like Television, Andreea Hriscu, Silvia Laporta, Georg Leß and David Spittle

    CONVERGENCE is an evening of immersive, multi-sensory performances, exploring dialogues between sound, text, and visuals. The evening will host a reading by Ioana Casapu accompanied by a gong performance by Silvia Laporta, a screening of a short-film by David Spittle which explores ideas of how moving-image and poetry might interact and coalesce, a sound performance by Andreea Hriscu that includes a poem by Georg Leß. Two extended performances will follow, including a piece by the musician and performance artist Tuce Alba, and a new collaborative piece by the painter and performance artist Andreea Hriscu, and the experimental musician Days Like Television.

    Join us at CONVERGENCE as we delve deep into a collective liminal state, immersed within challenging, immersive, and enriching performances that defy traditional categorizations and emotions.

    Moderation: Tom Bresemann

    (c) privat

    Tuce Alba (born 1996 in Turkiye) is an architect, musician, composer, and sound artist living in Berlin who uses various elements and techniques to build performative spatio-temporal experiences, and audio-visual narratives through sound by employing analog/modular synthesizers, instruments, field recordings, or any other tool that transforms silence into sound. Her works explore bodily perception and expression of the acoustic environment and listener's movement patterns within, with the help of textural details created by the relationship of sound and space, improvised spatial compositional structures, layers crafted with immersive drones and noise. As an experienced “ney” player, she also conducts acoustic research on manipulating the limitations of conventional instruments.

    (c) Lucian Brandt

    Ioana Cristina Casapu is a Romanian writer and artist living in Germany. She has written two books (HEART BEATS – A MEMOIR OF THE MILLENNIAL GENERATION ON SOCIAL MEDIA, 2019, and DEVIATII DE STEREO, 2016) and published in over 30 magazines and anthologies. Her work, which includes memoir, short prose, poetry and conceptual interventions, contains independent ideas on feminism, migration, modern life and loneliness. She uses immersive journalism, sociological research and her own correspondence as a medium between the physical and digital worlds in an ongoing exploration of language and the ways in which technology and human emotion intertwine to create new ways of communicating and connecting.

    (c) Nadia Khashan

    Days Like Television is the solo moniker of Daniel Bryden, an experimental musician and video artist based in Berlin. Using found-sounds, improvised instrumentation, and manipulated samples, Bryden crafts immersive aural landscapes which pulsate with an underlying tension and tactility. Live shows are evocative, expansive, and moving- spanning ambience, improvised noise, music concrète, and a fractured, unhinged electronica. Bryden has presented A/V performances at ICA (London), La Vallée (Brussels), Madame Claude (Berlin), and VEKKS (Vienna). His upcoming album is due to be released on Bonambi Records in Spring 2024.

    (c) Dragos Jianu

    Andreea Hriscu is a Romanian visual, performance and sound Berlin based artist. With a background in architecture, she opened her first solo painting exhibition in 2016 at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Beijing, China, and her first live painting performance in 2018 in Beijing, followed by other performances in Bangkok and Berlin. Her photography and painting are mostly abstract, her sound projects constitute of dark ambient soundscapes, and her painting performances are dark, emotional, and viscerally intense. They explore and embody different aspects of the psyche: the subconscious, the hidden aspects of the self and the unfelt raw emotions. Within this embodiment, she becomes fully immersed in the artistic process, blurring the boundaries between the self, the process, and the object.

    (c) privat

    Silvia Laporta is a Berlin based versatile body worker, specializing in the transformative power of sound. Silvia's unique blend of bodywork and sound therapy creates a harmonious experience for her audience. Beyond healing sessions, she shares her talents with a broader audience through gong and singing bowls concerts, having performed in different settings such as clubs, conferences and movie nights.

    (c) Dirk Skiba

    Georg Leß was born 1981 in Arnsberg, he lives in Berlin and published three collections of poetry, SCHLACHTGEWICHT (parasitenpresse), DIE HOHLHANDMUSIKALITÄT (kookbooks) and DIE NACHT DER HUNGERPUTTEN (kookbooks). Selected poems were translated in various languages, adapted into poetry films and set to music.

    (c) privat

    David Spittle is a poet, filmmaker and essayist. Following his pamphlet, BOX (HVTN, 2018), Spittle has published three poetry collections: Decomposing Robert (Back Herald Press, 2023), Rubbles (Broken Sleep Books, 2022), and All Particles and Waves (Black Herald Press, 2020). He runs an ongoing series of interviews with filmmakers talking-about-poetry and poets talking-about-film, the first volume Light Glyphs (Broken Sleep Books, 2021) includes interviews with John Ashbery, Guy Maddin, Andrew Kötting, Iain Sinclair, So Mayer, Lisa Samuels and many others. Spittle's films have screened in festivals and been broadcast on the BBC and, alongside filmmaking, his film criticism has appeared in Sight & Sound and as part of select Blu-ray releases. He continues independent research across film and philosophy.

    The elevator in the building is currently not operational. We apologize for this issue, as it restricts access to some extent.

Workshops & Infoabende

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    Berliner Lektorat: Details zum Sprechen bringen

    19:00Eintritt frei

    Schreibtipps zur Detailarbeit mit Karla Schmidt


    Durch gut ausgewählte Details kann ein Text an Dichte, Lebendigkeit und Tiefe gewinnen. Nach dem Prinzip ‚pars pro toto‘ – ein Teil steht fürs Ganze – können sie Situationen charakterisieren, Handlung vorbereiten und eine Menge über das Innenleben von Figuren verraten. Voraussetzung dafür ist, dass es keine willkürlichen Details sind, die den Text lediglich ein wenig möblieren, damit es nicht so hallt. In der Veranstaltung werden wir Ihnen Beispiele für einen eher hinderlichen als auch für den lohnenden Einsatz von Details zeigen.

    Karla Schmidt ist freiberufliche Autorin und Lektorin und hat für die "Schule des Schreibens" den Lehrgang "Romanwerkstatt" entwickelt. Sie lebt mit ihrem Mann und zwei Töchtern in Berlin.