Guidance for the public regarding §2(3) of the SARS CoV-2-infection prevention regulation

Guidance for the public regarding §2(3) of the SARS CoV-2-infection prevention regulation.

  • Please adhere to the stipulated distancing rules when visiting the Lettrétage. For easier orientation, markings can be found at the entrance and exit, by the bathroom facilities, and in the main space.
  • Please also note that admission into and movement within the space (for example use of the bathroom facilities) can only take place if mouth and nose coverings are worn.
  • All visitors have to be able to show a negative test result from the day of entrance, or prove that they have been fully vaccinated (at least 2 weeks before attendance) or recovered.
  • We would also like to point out that people who are exempt from wearing a face mask because of chronic respiratory disease are at greater general risk of infection.
  • Visitors who have been in contact with somebody infected with Covid-19 or themselves have an upper respiratory infection are not permitted to take part in events.
  • Please be aware of the signs explaining coughing and sneezing etiquette and hand hygiene.
  • Please bear in mind that we will only offer a reduced selection of drinks. We have made the decision only to sell bottled drinks for the time being. We advise that those wishing to drink wine bring their own glasses or cups.
  • As we must limit the number of visitors due to distancing guidelines, guests should register online via the online ticketing system. This also applies to events which do not charge an admission fee. Admission without prior online registration is only possible in exceptional circumstances.
  • We are required to record visitors’ contact information for tracing purposes in the event of an infection. Declaration of first name and surname, full address, telephone number and the time of attendance are conditions of visiting the Lettrétage. The information will be collected on site. The information will be destroyed after four weeks, in compliance with the GSGVO.

We are delighted to be able to resume hosting events, and ask for your understanding and your cooperation with regards to the above measures, which we are required to implement.