CON_TEXT V – Time to deliver: X³ with Daniel Malpica and Tomomi Adachi

A short video of the fifth CON_TEXT event „Time to deliver: X³“, created and executed by Daniel Malpica and Tomomi Adachi. In focus a 3D printer that prints a model of the letter X during the event. This process is framed two times. Firstly the invited performers staged the process of printing. Secondly the visual layer was linked to Malpica’s poem series „Se escribe con X“, translated into German especially for this evening, as well as the poem „Voice Sound Poetry Form Begun with X“ by the futuristic poet Hide Kinoshita.

Performers (voice, movement):
Barbara Lázara, Eiji Takeda , Charlotte Pauwelyn, María Ferrara, Amelie Baier, Grilowsky and Raic