Sam Albatros – queer exodus

Sam Albatros – queer exodus: no one leaves home, unless home is the mouth of a shark*

Die Veranstaltung findet im Rahmen des Lesefestivals „Sag Auguste“ statt, das verschiedene Literaturformate in den Auguste-Viktoria-Kiez in Berlin-Reinickendorf bringt.

Sam Albatros spoke to queer individuals with a refugee/immigration background from all over the world, individuals who are now residing in the Berlin area. Focusing on their stories and using footage taken from their everyday life, Sam created videopoems as an homage to the lives of queer people and their relationships with their countries, families and current situation. The project is an homage to the long line of people before us to which we owe that we are alive today. An acceptance, not denial of our personal and collective history, our queer stories, as a means to remember that we were never meant to survive. This is intended to be a project about the aftermath of not dying.

The videopoems wil be screened online and Sam Albatros is going to talk with Tom Bresemann from the Lettrétage about their project, queer poetry, identity and Berlin Reinickendorf. The event will be available in English on the Lettrétage Youtube page.