Out of the Workshop: Writers from The Reader Berlin

An evening of readings with Sanders Isaac Bernstein

(c) The Reader Berlin

The Reader is beginning another fall of workshops and writing! Join The Reader Berlin’s community to hear what everyone’s been working on this past year- and to start off the next.

The writers in Berlin have been penning personal essays and memoirs, spinning out speculative flash fiction, writing poetry for the first time, trying out comedy writing and polishing short stories for submission.

Tutor and writer Sanders Isaac Bernstein will moderate this evening of readings.

(c) Theresa Pleitner

Sanders Isaac Bernstein, born in London, grew up in New Jersey (USA). His writing has appeared, among other places, in newyorker.com, Jewish Currents, and The Bad Version, which he founded and edited from 2011-2014, and most recently in Hypocrite Reader and Full Stop. He holds a PhD in English Literature from the University of Southern California and currently works as Stage Editor of Exberliner. He has led writing workshops at The Reader since 2021.

(c) Romhy Cubas

Romhy Cubas is a writer and content creator who migrated to Berlin in 2017 from Caracas, Venezuela with her soul-dog Nena. She has a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism, and a Master’s Degree in Literature. She has published book reviews and cultural/social pieces for international outlets in Madrid, Caracas and Berlin. Books are her favorite place to exist, and she wants to write stories for as long as she can. Currently, she is also a project manager during the day, and dogsitter by night.

(c) Louise East

Louise East is an Irish writer and journalist, living in Berlin. Formerly a staff writer for the Irish Times, she now writes, edits and translates for publications including The Dublin Review, Kulturaustausch and Exberliner Magazine.

(c) Fionnuala Kavanagh

Fionnuala Kavanagh is a writer and journalist from the UK. She likes to write about social issues. Her major projects include a novel about an Integrationskurs in Berlin and an interview series about intimacy. She is currently working on an essay collection that examines why her brother was indoctrinated by alt-right ideology. She also likes to experiment with ways of getting her social critique to new audiences. Spot snippets of her novel on bright green posters around Berlin.

(c) privat

Lentil (Leni) Purbrick is an Australian writer living in Berlin. In her work, she aims to map the experience of being alive, giving consideration to identity, grief, and consolidation of one’s self in a body. She is also a farmer, educator and the co-author of two books, GROWN & GATHERED (2016) and THE VILLAGE (2018), and works as a self-integration coach.

(c) Lukas Kofoed Reimann

Lukas Kofoed Reimann is a trans* writer, scholar, and editor who lives in Berlin. His writing is often concerned with questions of identity and belonging and explores his experiences of transition and chronic pain in particular. He is a passionate reader of all kinds of trans* literature and continually hopes to empower others to tell their stories. In 2022 his text UNDIAGNOSED was selected as one of the runners up for the Berlin Writing Prize, and in 2023 he is a recipient of a work-stipend for Non-German literature from the Berlin Senate. Lately his work has appeared in Danish in Trappe Tusind and in English in Overcom Magazine.

(c) Martin Schmidt

Annekathrin Walther grew up on the North Sea. She holds an M.A. in Comparative Literature from Freie Universität Berlin and an M.A. in English from Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. She worked as an assistant to the artistic director at Berliner Ensemble. In 2013, she started working as a playwright and dramaturg and founded a freelance theater company that staged productions at Berlin theaters between 2013 and 2017. She also spent some time selling books and coffee at ocelot bookstore and worked as a dramaturg with the artist Sonya Schönberger as well as at Theater Baden-Baden and Heimathafen Neukölln. Since 2020 she has been focusing on literary writing. She lives in Berlin.

(c) The Reader Berlin

The Reader Berlin founded by Victoria Gosling in 2011. The Reader Berlin has been hosting creative writing workshops, seminars, events, and get-togethers for over a decade. Berlin is our home and we’re very much part of the international community of writers here. Writing can be joyous but it is solitary; we aim to bring writers together, to share contacts and build bridges to the publishing industry.

 The elevator in the building is currently not operational. We apologize for this issue, as it restricts access to some extent.