Berlin Writers‘ Workshop Reading

Lesung in englischer Sprache mit Sarnath Banerjee und Dave Besseling

Berlin Writers‘ Workshop presents a reading event celebrating the work of Sarnath Banerjee and Dave Besseling, both dealing with experiences of the Indian society. Through his graphic fiction, Banerjee explores themes like masculinity, bureaucracy, rumour, class-system, religion and the uncanny. Whereas Dave Besseling has published the non-fiction books, Liquid Refuses to Ignite, a memoir, and Laid In India, a sociological reportage.

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Sarnath Banerjee is a graphic novelist, artist, film maker and a co-founder of the comic publishing house Phantomville. He studied at Goldsmith College, London and currently lives in Berlin.

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Dave Besseling is a journalist, editor and author, currently based in Berlin. He was formerly Deputy Editor of GQ India and shortlisted for the Kurt Schork Award for International Journalism.